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The Evolution of Precision Agriculture

Regrow CEO speaks at Farms.com Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Tech Showcase

Precision agriculture has evolved significantly since its conception in the 1980s and its first boom of adoption in the early 2000’s. In the early days of precision agriculture, a niche group of farmers was using variable rate application (VRA) to make more efficient application decisions in their fields. Today, monitoring crop production with satellite imagery, identifying crop stress at the plant level, and using spot sprays to maximize the effect of applications is common practice for many growers.

What’s next for precision agriculture? Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova argues that the field carries significant opportunities in sustainable farming.

Anastasia led the session  'Evolution of Precision Ag — Precision Conservation and Sustainable Agronomy' at the 2021 Farms.com Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Tech Showcase. In this discussion, she explained how precision agriculture can help growers make more sustainable choices, and explores the intersection of precision conservation and sustainable agronomy.

Watch the session here.

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