Uncluttering Food and Agriculture

Regrow CEO featured on HnyB’s webinar series

How can we make the agriculture industry environmentally sustainable, financially inclusive, efficient and fair? 

It’s a large and significant question — one that’s explored in detail through the webinar series “Uncluttering Food and Agriculture” produced by HnyB, an organization that uses cutting-edge technology, data & fact-based decision-making as a holistic approach for making agriculture a profitable venture for clients. In the series, global change makers discuss the key issues facing food and agriculture. 

Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova was featured on this series. In her discussion with host Deepak Pareek, Anastasia discussed Regrow’s core mission — to make regenerative agriculture ubiquitous across the globe — and how Regrow’s science, technology and products can make sustainable farming more effective on a large scale, more cost-efficient, and more accessible to farmers across the globe.

Watch the webinar to learn more about Regrow’s mission, how we’re working to transform our food systems, and how our science and technology will advance the agriculture industry. 

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