Remote Sensing

What does Space have to do with Regenerative Farming?

Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova featured on “Investing in Regenerative Agriculture” podcast

Space technology has become part of our everyday lives. Global positioning systems (GPS) help us navigate the world around us, and we rely on satellites to communicate across long distances and prepare for the weather.

But can it really help us farm more sustainably? 

Regrow CEO Anastasia Volkova was recently featured on the podcast “Investing in Regenerative Agriculture. In episode 118, Anastasia explains how satellite imagery can help us track the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, and can help farmers better understand how and where to implement practices on their operations. 

Anastasia discussed how ecosystem services, like carbon credits or water quality enhancements, can support farmers in producing food more sustainably.

“The more value we start transferring back to the farm for ecosystem services, the more we will change the environment...” Anastasia said.

Anastasia also discussed how Regrow plans to improve the technology behind our products, and how we expect to scale our work nationally and internationally. 

Listen to learn about Regrow’s growth plan, what Anastasia feels to be true about regenerative agriculture, and how Anastasia would change about the agriculture industry, if she had a ‘magic wand.’ 

Listen here.

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