Regrow Ag among Top 50 AgTech Innovators in 2023 THRIVE Report

Regrow Ag has been selected for the 2023 THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech Report, recognized for our innovative work in transforming the agrifood value chain towards a more sustainable future.

Regrow Ag has been selected for the 2023 THRIVE TOP 50 AgTech Report, recognized for our innovative work in transforming the agrifood value chain towards a more sustainable future. 

Being featured on this annual list validates the hard work and dedication of the team at Regrow, and recognizes our leadership, innovative technologies, investment, and traction. Regrow firmly believes that our MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) and Sustainability Insights software platforms can help facilitate the world’s transition to more sustainable agriculture and food production systems.

As John Hartnett, CEO of SVG Ventures|THRIVE points out, investing in solutions that rethink agriculture and food production systems is key to solving environmental problems.

"We believe that the future of our planet relies on transforming the way we produce and consume food. By investing in innovative solutions that revolutionize agriculture and food production systems, we can tackle some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time," says Hartnett.

Regrow’s recently launched Sustainability Insights product fills an important need within the food and agriculture sector, which currently contributes about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions: the need for companies to gather accurate, supply shed-specific data about their current farm-based Scope 3 emissions, which typically constitute the bulk of their total emissions. For corporate sustainability leaders, establishing this baseline is an essential first step toward being able to plan investments to reduce those emissions and measure progress toward their Scope 3 sustainability targets. 

“Before companies can develop regenerative agriculture programs with farmers in their supply chain, they need verifiable data to inform their decisions. Sustainability Insights utilizes Regrow’s best-in-class science and technology to aggregate field-level farm data across ingredient supply sheds and sourcing regions,” explains Dr. Anastasia Volkova, Regrow CEO and Co-Founder. “This fundamentally differs from other available farm-based emissions data, which are very generalized and not dynamic, which makes it hard to develop specific and realistic emissions reduction goals around them.”

“Another unique function of Sustainability Insights is that it can model the potential environmental outcomes that could result from adopting various regenerative agricultural practices for specific crops within specific regions,” Volkova adds. “This is an unprecedented level of insight that brands can get all the way down to the level of farms, which helps them prioritize where to focus their climate action efforts across those supply shed ingredients. Equipped with those insights, they can then talk with their suppliers about how to incentivize and get those practices adopted locally.”

The THRIVE Top 50 recognition follows Regrow’s recent No. 1 ranking on Fast Company’s 2023 list of the Most Innovative Companies in Agriculture. Regrow was ranked #41 out of the Top 50 companies across all industries.

“Being recognized for our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the agriculture and food sector motivates us to work even harder to advance our groundbreaking solutions and extend the reach of our impact,” says Volkova.

“It is an honor to be part of such an elite group of venture-backed scale-ups, all making a significant impact in addressing the planet's environmental challenges. We are grateful to SVG Ventures|THRIVE for this honor and we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with other companies on the list to achieve our shared goal of a more sustainable future.”

About Regrow Ag

Ranked Fast Company's #1 Most Innovative Company in Agriculture for 2023, Regrow Ag is the most trusted independent provider of Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) software and sustainability insights for agriculture. Regrow’s best-in-class SaaS platform leverages satellite data, machine learning, and robust soil modeling to quantify on-farm GHG emission baselines, reductions, and removals, including soil carbon sequestration. With technology approved by the Climate Action Reserve and aligned with programs approved by SustainCERT,  Regrow is the only provider that can support organizations on the entire journey from assessing and taking action to reduce on-farm greenhouse gas emissions, to reporting credible, certified ESG outcomes, to scaling solutions globally. Some of the food and ag value chain’s leading companies, including Cargill, General Mills, and Kellogg’s, have chosen Regrow as their partner for implementing regenerative agriculture programs to meet their corporate climate goals. Learn more at

About SVG Ventures|THRIVE

SVG Ventures | THRIVE is the leading global agrifood investment and innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, and comprised of top agriculture, food & technology corporations, universities, and investors. With a community of over 8,000 startups from over 100 countries, the THRIVE platform invests, accelerates, and creates unparalleled access for entrepreneurs to scale globally to solve the biggest challenges facing the food and agriculture industries. SVG’s global partners include leading government, agriculture, and technology corporations such as Alberta Government, Old’s College, Calgary Economic Development, Corteva, Driscoll’s, FCC, BASF, Kubota, Land O’Lakes, Trimble, Taylor Farms, Bayer, ICL, SHELL, Nutrien, Intel, Valmont, UFA, Yamaha Motor Ventures and Wilbur-Ellis. 

Crunchbase recognizes SVG Ventures as the most active AgTech investor with a portfolio count of over 80 investments in the sector. Learn more at

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