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Regrow Joins SustainCERT Value Change Initiative

Group to establish best practices for Scope 3 emissions reductions

Last week, Regrow officially joined the SustainCERT Value Change Initiative. The initiative, powered by SustainCERT and Gold Standard, establishes programs, working groups and labs with leading companies across multiple industries, with the goal of establishing best practices for Scope 3 emissions reductions. 

Scope 3 emissions are greenhouse gas emissions from partners and activities included in a company’s supply chain, but not owned or controlled by the leading company. These emissions often represent the largest source of a company’s carbon footprint. 

Reducing Scope 3 emissions is a necessary way to reach emissions reductions goals and mitigate climate change. However, this process is difficult to manage and govern. The SustainCERT Value Change Initiative works to add best practices and guidelines around Scope 3 emissions, so we can incentivize climate-friendly work and make a bigger impact for our climate.

Regrow Contributes to Food and Ag Group

The Initiative has established a Food and Ag Working Group, in which Regrow will be housed. Our experts will be focused on helping to establish  guidelines for companies wishing to incentivize greenhouse gas emissions reductions within the agriculture value chain.

Regrow joins more than 50 other companies in this initiative, all positioned throughout the food and agriculture value chain.

“We will be working together to help shape a more sustainable future for agriculture,” said Dr. Jeff Seale, Director of Environmental Strategy and Climate Policy, in a recent conversation.

“Accounting for greenhouse gas emissions across multiple players is complex, and this complexity can become a barrier to collective action. Creating guidance for this process is crucial for scaling carbon removals in agriculture.”

Expertise in MRV

Regrow’s expertise lies in measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) for ecosystem markets. We plan to leverage this expertise within the Food and Ag Working Group. Our efforts will help create systems that will reduce the cost of carbon removals through agriculture, and make carbon removal practices more accessible on a large scale.

The company inhabits a unique position within this group. Regrow is one of — if not the only — participant that provides an independent, 3rd party platform for the measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions. We are not direct participants in the value chain, but we bring the technical knowledge and expertise to companies within the supply chain, which will open the door for more emissions reductions.

A More Stable Future for Scope 3 Reductions

“Adequately addressing scope 3 emissions will give the industry more certainty when it comes to investments in carbon removals,” says Jeff.

“This will, in turn, provide economic benefits to farmers and environmental benefits to society.” 

At Regrow, we see an emerging market for carbon removals in agriculture, and we believe that a robust, credible supply of carbon removals and reductions in greenhouse gases will help drive innovation and growth in these markets. We look forward to our contributions within the SustainCERT Value Change Initiative, to collaborations with industry leaders in food and agriculture, and to a stronger future for carbon and ecosystem markets. 

To learn more about Regrow’s MRV, read our blog. You can explore ecosystem markets in our eBook.

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