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South Pole Partners with Regrow to Scale Regenerative Agriculture

Regrow to support South Pole’s agricultural carbon projects with leading science and technology

(San Francisco) 7 September 2022 — Leading global carbon project developer and climate solutions provider South Pole and agricultural technology company Regrow Ag are joining forces to scale the global adoption of regenerative agriculture. 

South Pole is a global leader in the development of certified climate action projects with almost two decades of experience. By partnering with Regrow, South Pole’s projects globally will get access to the latest scientific and technological best practices for agricultural project monitoring and greenhouse gas emissions accounting. 

Regrow’s proprietary Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) platform and suite of services will enable agriculture projects to be scaled up effectively by employing science and technology in novel ways.

The scientific rigor of Regrow’s MRV is leading the market by achieving recognition by ICROA-endorsed certification standards, including Climate Action Reserve (with recognition from other standards bodies expected shortly). To ensure that the stringent requirements of the leading carbon certification standards are met, Regrow will contribute to the design of South Pole’s project monitoring protocols, calibrate compliant models for the measurement of carbon stock, and verify the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices using the latest in satellite monitoring and crop detection. This, in turn, will enable South Pole to continue to design and implement best-practice agricultural carbon projects – providing project partners and farmers with access to long-term streams of sustainable finance.

"As an early advocate for and developer of agriculture projects that help lower emissions and generate carbon offsets, I am thrilled to see us partnering with Regrow to evolve industry best practices,”

said Renat Heuberger, CEO of South Pole. “Regrow will support our programs by bringing scientific rigor and the latest technological advancements to our monitoring and measurement of emissions reductions through regenerative agriculture. This is great news for us and for climate-friendly farmers everywhere!" 

“Regrow is excited to partner with South Pole to bring high quality, scalable agricultural carbon projects to the market using the latest in science and technology,” said Anastasia Volkova, PhD, CEO of Regrow. “We are joining forces to expand the access to regenerative agriculture as a decarbonization opportunity and ensure that sustainable farming is well-supported in both science and finance.” 

South Pole and Regrow’s combined expertise will help secure a solid future for agricultural carbon projects by improving efficiencies.

Harnessing the latest in technological and scientific advances to improve the accuracy of carbon models, capture data more efficiently, and make programs accessible to smaller landholdings, the partnership will empower more farmers to contribute to the fight against climate change.

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