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August 25, 2020

Getting started - A quicker way to set up your farms, fields, and crops

Parse your farm and field information when uploading boundaries, and bulk upload cropping information from a .csv file

Kelly Champavier
Head of Product
June 1, 2020

New in Flurosense: on-demand high-resolution satellite imagery

Don't have access to fixed-wing aircraft or drone imagery? Not a worry! We are offering agronomists from all over the world a straightforward way to access high resolution imagery of your crops

Marie Marion
Agronomist and Project Manager
November 5, 2019

FluroSat releases PIVOThermo - a new trusted tool for automated pivot monitoring

FluroSat announced the release of PIVOThermo alert, the first tool in a suite of automatic analytics the company has been building with industry partners across both hemispheres. PIVOThermo is an innovative tool that integrates thermal imagery and machine learning to automatically detect clogged and leaking nozzles in center pivots.

Manal Elarab, PhD
Chief Operating Officer
July 17, 2019

How to Understand Remote Sensing Indices

Using remote sensing imagery and the reading of your vegetation indices to monitor growth stage of crops.

Marie Marion
Agronomist and Project Manager

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